2020 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty – First Look

This video starts out with a guy saying…..”I’m a big man and I need a big truck.”

Yeah, well, I’m an even bigger man (6’3 – 290 lbs) so I need an even bigger truck.

Not sure I’m going to find a bigger, nicer or more manly truck than this 2020 GMC Sierra HD. This is one nice truck, my friends.

I have owned many trucks in my life but I have always stayed with either Ford F-Series or Dodge Ram trucks. I have never considered another model until now that is.

2020 gmc sierra hd

The 2020 Sierra is a stunning truck. I am going to be taking a long look at these once they start showing up at the dealer.

These are big, tall, and beefy trucks that really look like something I would drive.

What do you think? Funky grill? Too boxy?

Would you drive it?

More info HERE

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