7 Quality Questions A Man Needs To Always Be Asking Himself

quality questions

Unproductive subconscious thoughts are not only a waste of time but they drain our energy.

Always be asking yourself productive questions so your subconscious mind has less time to dwell on nonsense like past failures, future worries, and ego driven bullshit.

I keep my mind busy with these quality questions:

Am I doing enough?

Am I doing the right things at the right times?

How can I be a better husband?

How can I be a better father?

How can I better serve my community?

How am I making people feel?

How can I improve my health?

How can I get better every single day?

Asking and then answering high quality and productive questions leaves little time for nonsense like self-doubt, stress, and worry.

Ask yourself quality questions and you will have more energy and get more done.


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Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

Steve Miller

Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Mental Toughness Adviser, student of Self-Mastery. Founder at The Manly Club website, leader of The Manly Club Facebook Group with over 15,000 members. Outdoor enthusiast, weather buff, muscle car lover, cabin nut. Loving life up here in the PNW (Oregon) with my beautiful wife and two young sons.

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