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Monday, September 14, 2020

Today I Learned

Mozart committed one of the earliest forms of musical ‘piracy’. For 140+ years, distribution and performance of ‘Misere mei, deus’ was forbidden outside the Vatican. It was considered too complex to copy. A 14 year old Mozart listened to it twice, memorised it and produced a copy.


The Brendon Show – How to Achieve an Action Mindset and Stay Disciplined : Learn the steps you must take to turn a new idea into a success.

The Tim Ferris Show – Guy Raz — Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs, The Story of ‘How I Built This,’ Overcoming Anxiety and Depression, and More (#462) :

His brand-new book is titled How I Built This – The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs


Art of Manliness – You Know You’ve Found Your Purpose When . . . : Your life’s purpose is essential to find, but can be difficult to discern.

Three Reasons It Can Be Hard to Know What You Really Want : These factors may cloud your perception.

Instagram Feeds

traegergrills : Join the wood-fired revolution.

511tactical : We are innovators who make purpose-built clothing, footwear, bags, and tactical gear for life’s most demanding missions.

deskdecoding : The #1 place for daily workspace inspiration.


Front Pocket Bifold Wallet – The Fire Hose Rookie : Go confidently into the night with the portable power of the Station 2AA.

Everyday Carry – Festive : A collection of tools, gadgets, and gear.


Change Your Brain: Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman | Rich Roll Podcast : Dr. Huberman is here to school us on all things neuroplasticity—and how we can use it to our advantage through intense focus, mindfulness, and restorative sleep.


“I judge you unfortunate because you have never lived through misfortune. You have passed through life without an opponent—no one can ever know what you are capable of, not even you.” — Seneca


Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman : Engaging the reader in a lively conversation about how we think.

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