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Today I Learned

There is a symbiotic relationship of wolves and ravens. Ravens will lead wolves to prey so that they can take a portion of the leftovers, play games of tail chasing with each other, and develop individual friendships.


How to Achieve Physical Autonomy : Art of Manliness – The four animal-inspired movements that create the foundation for balanced athleticism, the basic physical skills people should aim to master, and how to train those skills in ways that don’t require an onerous amount of time.

The Battle For Masculinity | Nicky Billou : Order of Man – It’s painfully obvious that men, generally, aren’t what we once were.


Warren Buffet’s 5/25 Rule is Absolutely Brilliant : Stoic Human – So, you want to do so many things but you have decision fatigue because you have so many goals?

Jason Momoa Hates Working Out: Here’s How He Stays in Shape : Men’s Health – The yoked movie star says he would rather ‘squat a car’ than do yoga—but he doesn’t lift much, either. Here’s what he does instead.

Take a Gander

How much you need to save every month to earn $50,000 a year in interest for retirement : CNBC – Retirement usually involves giving up your annual salary, but you will still need an income to survive.

Instagram Feeds

kardesignkoncepts : Concept bike artist.

camping_insights : Giving you a reason to camp every day.

j_fordraptor : Nitto Pitcrew – SD Motorsports


Wednesday Carry : A handsome carry with a Field Notes snap cover and coin slip.

Never Give Up Coin (Antique Bronze Finish) : “Fall down seven times, stand up eight”; the famous Japanese proverb relates to our attitude towards failure, meaning not to let ourselves be bogged down by it but to welcome it and re-try.


Surviving Winter in a Log Cabin : My wife cooks pizza from scratch on a wood stove in a log cabin in the Canadian wilderness while Cali our Golden Retriever and Shawn work outside splitting firewood, firing up the sauna, fetching.


“Don’t just say you have read books. Show that through them you have learned to think better, to be a more discriminating and reflective person. Books are the training weights of the mind. They are very helpful, but it would be a bad mistake to suppose that one has made progress simply by having internalized their contents.”
― Epictetus, The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness and Effectiveness


The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance : An exploration of how extreme athletes break the limits of ultimate human performance and what we can learn from their mastery of the state of consciousness known as “flow”.

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