Finding The Absolute Best 4K TV’s This Holiday Season


Last Christmas I surprised my family with a new LG 65″ 4K TV.

My two sons aged 10 and 14, were blown away by the image quality and I have to admit, it was a significant and worthwhile upgrade to our home theatre system.

We replaced a 42″ HD TV as our main TV. We moved the 42″ into another room and use that with our XBox One S.

I also surprised them with an XBox One X Scorpio Edition to go with the new 65″ 4K set…..I was one popular dude on Christmas morning! It was a blast!

It was all rainbows and butterflies in the end but researching and then committing to which TV to pull the trigger on was just short of a nightmare.

There were so many confusing options that made the process so convoluted that I almost gave up. Glad I didn’t.

It is because of my frustration that I bring you a tool that I wish I had last year…..a selection guide! This year has put together the most comprehensive guide I have ever seen. They cover every question you can think of while reviewing 54 top models!!

They even choose their top pick from each of four price/quality categories.

If you are considering a 4K upgrade this holiday season you are going to have a much better time of it thanks to the great folks over at

The link to the guide is below.

Happy Holidays!






Steve Miller

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