Flow Hacking For The Everyday Man

flow state hacking

This post is about staying hyper-focused on the high reward actions that will compound over time to create the life you want. The state of mind that creates these high reward actions and meaningful results is called flow state.

If you have flashes of clarity and inspiration that come and go you can blame your flow state for them happening and your noisy mind for them vanishing.

In those flashes you see the world differently.

In those flashes you see a vision of how much better your life can be.

In those flashes you see all of the things you need to do to have that better life.

In those flashes it all seems so clear and effortless.

Those fleeting moments are called flow state.

That state of flow can be turned into hours and even days by quieting the mind.

Meditation and reading can help you hack into your flow state at will.

Meditation, especially first thing in the morning, quiets the mind and provides your conscious mind the space it needs to allow your clarity of vision to flourish.

Meditation followed by reading will enhance the experience even further. I read stoic teaching like Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic but any self-betterment type book should do the trick. Experiment with what works best.

Link to Ryan’s book……The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

15 minutes of meditation followed by 15 minutes of reading is what most people need to hack themselves into flow state. We can boost our response with a small amount of caffeine but too much will crank up the background noise of your mind too much so be careful.

As you get deeper into this practice you will find that the length of time you stay in your flow state varies depending on what you have going on in your life on any given day.

It’s important to understand that your particular flow state will fluctuate but over time you will get better and better at staying in your flow. Many hours of highly productive clarity would be a goal you move towards.

Some will find quick results and easily enter flow state after the first day but I have found that some of the people I have introduced this too have needed several days to see results.

There are many versions of flow hacking on the internet but I have found this simple version to be the most effective.

How To Maximize Your Flow State Once You Get Into It

There are too many variables to answer this in a meaningful way but there are a few universal truths to keep in mind:

-Try to maintain your focus by blocking any intrusive thoughts.

-Come back to your high priority thinking quickly when your mind wanders.

-Pay attention to the overall feelings of confidence that come from flow state. Savor and expand on them as you progress. This will help you stay in flow longer.

-Notice the positive energy that comes when in your flow state. Feel it completely.

-Go with it. Allow your flow state of mind to run. While in flow, do as much as you can.

-When it ends and you slip out of flow go with that too. You can always come back to it now that you know how to get there.

-Hack back into flow more and more often by adding an afternoon and eventually an evening session of meditation and reading.

We will talk more about flow state and flow state hacking in future posts.

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