Introduction: Bradley Goldman

We are happy to welcome Bradley Goldman of Be Strong Stay Fit to The Manly Club site. Bradley is our newest fitness pro and will be an expert contributor in our new fitness category.

Bradley is a current member of The Manly Club Facebook Group and a great guy to get to know.

Check out the Expert Interview we did with Bradley down below.

Welcome Bradley! Great to have you with us!

bradley goldman

Q: What path did you take to get to leading Be Strong Stay Fit, Inc. ?

I started working as a personal trainer back in 2012 while I was in college to make some money. I realized shortly before graduation that I wanted to be my own boss and decided to focus on turning my side job  into a full blown business. What started out as training people in their backyards soon evolved  into working in one of the top training facilities in Beverly Hills. Over time I have delved further into the world of health and fitness and have continued to educate myself on various training methods, nutrition, and weight loss which has resulted in multiple certifications including Sports Nutrition Specialization through the  ISSA.

After 8 years of working with clients in the gym, my business has now grown into an online coaching system. The best part about being an online coach is that it allows me to work with more clients than I was able to when I was in the gym. With nutrition being my bread and butter I’ve been able to grow Be Strong Stay Fit, Inc. from a one-on-one personal training business to a virtual coaching system with a focus on sustainable nutrition for long term results. 

Q: Who has inspired you to devote so much of your life to the men’s online fitness space?

It’s not really a ‘who’ but rather a ‘what’ in my case. When I was younger I was obsessed with fitness. I used it as a mental escape, I used it to feel masculine, I used it so much that it felt like a drug. No matter how muscular I got, no matter how much weight I could lift I always wanted more. My life was RUN by my fitness journey.

I feel like this is how most people look at fitness, all or nothing. After years of trial and error – lot’s of error – I’ve found a way to make fitness fit into my life but not make it my whole life. This is the message that I feel is missing with all the social media we consume. Men are flooded with images of dudes who are shredded, spending hours in the gym, dedicating their lives to fitness – and that makes it seem extremely unattainable.  I want to be the coach who can show these men who have families and jobs (and can’t spend all of their time working out and taking selfies) that you can have your pizza and burgers while still working towards a better, healthier, more sustainable physique. 

My experience has made me passionate about teaching other men how simple and straightforward the path to reaching their health and fitness goals can be. While the path is simple and straightforward, it is not easy. It will require work, consistency, and a no bullshit attitude to make any real or significant changes. Doing this alone can be overwhelming, and that’s where I come in.

Q: What excites you about the men’s online fitness category? 

As a former competitive bodybuilder and strength athlete, I have always been passionate about men’s fitness. When I started out, my fitness community used to be focused solely in my small gym and local supplement shop. While training clients in person I could only implement my sustainable approach to those within my local community, with only 24 hours in a day I was only reaching a handful of people. Now, using the internet as a tool, virtual coaching allows me to reach more men globally and teach them that their physique goals can be achieved with my simple and straight-forward approach. 

Q: Tell us about Be Strong Stay Fit and where we can go to check it out.

For the no bullshit men who are ready to inquire about losing up to 30lbs in 90 days they can start here: 

On social media I can be found at or search my name Bradley Goldman to be friends.

To learn more about me and check out some client’s before and after stories go to my website 



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