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We are excited to introduce Jason Goggans as our newest fitness contributor. Jason is the founder of Jason Goggans Fitness and an active member of The Manly Club Facebook Group.

Jason will participate in future projects designed to bring our members a diverse offering of health and fitness options.

We are honored to have Jason on board and we welcome his expertise.

Scroll down to check out the Expert Interview we did with him.

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Q: What path did you take to get to leading Jason Goggans Fitness?

My fitness journey began as an overweight police officer. I left the police academy in 1998 in really good shape. But due to a very busy shift, poor eating habits, and zero exercise I put on about 30 pounds in the next 18 months.

Being an overweight police officer is incredibly dangerous and unacceptable.

I vividly remember looking down one day and for the first time in my life I had a gut.

I remember because that exact moment I was so filled with disgust that I got up and went for a run. I made it about 1 mile before I thought I was going to die. This just reinforced how bad things had gotten and how much I needed to change.

I began engulfing myself in fitness and nutrition information. I wanted to make sure that I was able to fix this problem once and for all.

Fast forward 5 months and I had lost 35 pounds.

My transformation was so dramatic that people began coming to me for advice. I started training people and coaching them through fitness and nutrition and absolutely fell in love with it.

I loved it so much that I quit my job as a police officer and opened my first gym.

Over the next 17 years I would own four different gyms including two 1-on-1 personal training gyms, a boot camp, and a CrossFit gym.

Seventeen years is a long time to own gyms so in 2018 I sold my last gym and moved to being an online coach.

That was the beginning of Jason Goggans Fitness.

Now I am exclusively an online fat loss and fitness coach helping people all around the world to better their bodies and health.

Q: Who has inspired you to devote so much of your life to the men’s online fitness space?

Honestly, I was initially inspired by my own weight gain. Once I was able to conquer my own weight issues it brought me so much joy to help others do the same because I realized just how life changing and powerful it can be.

As a husband and father of four kids I also realize how important our role as men is in society.

The world needs strong men, strong husbands, and strong dads more than ever.

It is difficult to be those things and lead your households effectively when you have poor health and fitness.

I know that by helping men regain their health, fitness, energy, focus, productivity, and confidence that I am helping them be the best leaders, husbands, fathers, and men they can be.

I cannot think of anything better.

Q: What excites you about the men’s online fitness category?

I am incredibly inspired by the notion of helping men regain their lives again. As men, we know that being strong, capable, and confident is a part of our job.

But when we suffer from poor health and fitness all of those things suffer as well.

Men are called upon to lead. But we cannot lead effectively until we learn to lead ourselves.

One of the best ways to begin leading yourself is by working on your fitness.

The lessons learned along the way as well as the skills it takes to improve your health and fitness translate directly into all other areas of life.

The work ethic, perseverance, patience, dedication, commitment, consistency, discipline, etc…

It takes all of those to achieve a high level of health and fitness.

But it also takes those things to be great in business, relationships, faith, and every other important area of life.

Fitness becomes a great training ground in developing each of those skills.

Helping men use fitness to become better leaders, fathers, and husbands is incredibly powerful and I am honored to do it.

Q: Tell us about Jason Goggans Fitness and where we can go to check it out.

Jason Goggans Fitness is dedicated to changing lives. I use fitness and fat loss as the catalyst to do so.

I despise the gimmicks, lies, and “miracles” that are so prevalent in my industry.

I rely instead on the true science of fitness and fat loss.

As a coach it is my job to align each individual with the right approach for them.

There are some universal truths in the world of fitness and fat loss but how we apply those truths is different for everyone.

Losing weight is relatively easy. In fact, I bet most people reading this have lost weight many times in their lives.

The problem is very few are able to keep the weight off.

That’s because people try to get fit and lose weight in ways that do not align with their lives, lifestyles, and preferences.

They try to white-knuckle discipline their way through miserable approaches. This never works in the long run.

When you take the actual science of how fat loss and fitness truly work, combine that with an individualized approach that takes into account people’s lifestyles and preferences…

That’s when the sustainability and consistency can truly occur and the frustration ends.

Then, if you can add a layer of accountability and support it becomes really difficult to fail.

Every 4-6 weeks I do a free 5-Day Online Fat Loss Challenge where I teach people exactly how to do this for themselves.

For more information on that challenge go to:

Or you can check out my website at:

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