Introduction: Fitness Expert Matt Tennessen

Badass Body Over 30

We are pleased to announce another addition to The Manly Club fitness arsenal today!

Today we welcome Matt Tennessen of Badass Body Over 30.

Matt is a valuable member of The Manly Club Facebook Group so we are very familiar with his expertise in the online men’s fitness arena.

Matt will be contributing to future fitness projects here on the site.

We did an expert interview with Matt which you can read by scrolling down a bit.

Welcome Matt!

Matt Tennessen

Q: What path did you take to get to leading Badass Body Over 30?

Having been an athlete throughout school I got into weight training to improve my performance on the court and playing field. Once I saw the differences and the effectiveness in my physique and performance I was absolutely hooked and knew this would be part of my life, for the rest of my life. After living that lifestyle for over a decade, I began to train others professionally and have been doing that ever since. 

 Though I love training people in person I saw a completely different avenue to go down that allows me to share more knowledge and impact infinitely more people’s lives. So I designed the Badass Body Over 30 Program with time tested battle proven methods that work. Not only do these methods work, I put the program together to combat and solve many of the problems and issues we deal with as men in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and well beyond.

Q: Who has inspired you to devote so much of your life to the men’s online fitness space?

I would have to say my clients who have put in the work and gotten great results with online coaching. They have lit a fire under me to provide a better product that I can get in the hands of many more people than I could in person. When someone takes the marching orders you give them and they see amazing results just because they followed your direction, it is a super rewarding feeling.

Q: What excites you about the men’s online fitness category? 

In making this transition from in-person to online coaching I have found there is even more accountability with the Badass Body Over 30 Program. Because I am more of a daily presence in your routine rather than the 1 to 3 times a week I would see in person clients. Soon I realized that I was able to reach so many more people at a much more affordable price point so it really is a win win for everyone! I am absolutely loving being able to oversee so many more people’s routines and progress.

Q: Tell us about Badass Body Over 30 and where we can go to check it out.

First off I want to describe my definition of what a “Badass” is. To me a badass isn’t some tatted up dude who can bench press a smart car and never smiles. To me a badass is the guy in constant pursuit of  ways to improve and who isn’t afraid to admit when he doesn’t have all of his shit together. 

And I have been there. I have let myself go before and found myself 40 lbs overweight, with hypertension and high cholesterol because I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching.  To stay there or get worse would be out of alignment with who I am, those I want to serve, and the life I want to create. That’s why I named the program Badass Body Over 30. For the man who wants to maintain or reclaim his health and physical prowess.

All too often we allow other important roles to take all of our energy. Marriage, fatherhood, work, all of these are noble responsibilities but so is keeping yourself strong and vibrant. I promise you if you prioritize your health and strength, you will be of much better service to your spouse, kids, and much more effective at your job. Early in our careers we tend to trade health for wealth and eventually we feel the effects and need to figure out how to get it back.

The Badass Body Over 30 Program is a 90 Day Program that takes you from wherever you are at and gets you to a higher level of function and fitness. I gave a lot of attention to mobility and recovery as well as the muscle building and fat burning workouts. The things we need more of when we get beyond our 30s.  I designed it for the guy who not only wants to avoid health issues and aches and pains, but also wants to live an active life, be stronger, and look better doing it! There’s nothing wrong with having it all.

I put it all together to enhance your life, not consume it. To protect your joints, not grind them into dust so you can tell people your PRs. I want you performing well for years and decades to come.

 Before 30 you train with your balls, after 30 you train with your brain. -B. Pakulski.

If you feel like you still have way too much tread on the tires to just go quietly to out to pasture. If you know it’s time to reclaim your fitness and health but don’t know where to start or if you have all of your bases covered, we can schedule a time to chat. DM me directly or fill out the quick coaching application in my bio and I will get in touch.

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