Introduction: Fitness Expert Ryan Harding


The Manly Club would like to welcome Ryan Harding of Evolution Fitness Coaching to the site.

He is joining us as one of our first fitness coaches and will serve as a collaborator and special contributor to future services.

Ryan is a current member and active contributor to The Manly Club Facebook Group and brings professional training and many years of experience to the table.

Below is an interview we conducted with Ryan to help you learn more about him and his platform of services. If you would like to hire Ryan or take advantage of some of his online offerings please check the bottom of the interview for his contact info.

Welcome Ryan! Great to have you onboard!

Ryan Harding Profile Pic

Q: What path did you take to get to leading Evolution Fitness Coaching?
From a young age I had always been into sports, rugby and boxing. At 16 I went on to join the Royal Marines, but failed due to a few reasons, fast forward 2 years I re-joined and completed 6 years. After deciding I wanted to leave the Royal Marines after serving 6 years I started to really focus on my training and went on to complete my personal training qualifications while completing my final year as a Marine, the plan was to run my own in-person bootcamp type of classes.
In a quick change of heart before leaving the Royal Marines I decided to take on the online world. Moving over to Thailand. With lots of failures within the business when starting out.
But fast forward 2 years, 15 clients now and growing. It felt a calling for me to help men that might be in the situation I once was. Trying all sorts of diets, workouts and seeing little to no results. I wanted to build a community of men that can all go through a proven system that will get them the results they want.

Q: Who has inspired you to devote so much of your life to the men’s online fitness space?
I have always been into fitness and health, I don’t feel I have a person that inspired me as such, but it’s always been a passion of mine and I love the process of seeing men change, not just their body but of how they feel on the inside, that’s the stuff that makes me want to devote my time into doing it.

Q: What excites you about the men’s online fitness category?
The ability to reach many people from all over the world and help. The community aspect of it, like one big family, a brotherhood. I think coming from a military background, I feel I connect better within the male fitness category. After 6 years on the Marines and training friends etc.
Another thing that excites me Is talking to the guys after the coaching program and when they are explaining to me how much things have changed for the better in their life.

Q: Tell us about Evolution Fitness Coaching and where we can go to check it out.
So I started Evolution Fitness right after leaving the Marines and it was full of ups and downs, until I found my niche, which is men that want to lose fat and build their ultimate man’s physique, And when I say “physique” this isn’t the “bodybuilder” type, I mean being an all round physically fit man, somewhat lean, strong and ready to take on life’s challenges.








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