My Personal Procrastination Killer | Today I Share It With You

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

I call it my superpower.

Here’s how it works…..

I extract energy and inspiring ideas from the vision in my mind of how my life will look and feel once I achieve a goal I have set.

When I maintain an unbreakable bond between a desirable outcome and the necessary tasks involved in producing the said outcome I become unstoppable.

This bond creates all of the energy and inspiring ideas I need to stay fully engaged and energized in the work required to achieve great things.

My productivity, energy, and ideas skyrocket when the vision of my success is crystal clear and top of mind.

When my vision of success is present but distant and cloudy, my energy, focus, enthusiasm, and creativity plummets.

I keep my vision of success infused with the work required to reach my goals.

That clear vision is pure jet fuel for my life. It propels me to greater and greater heights every day.

Clarity of vision is my superpower.

Of course, there are details and nuances to my method. I will discuss those in future posts. If you have any immediate questions you are more than welcome to email me directly at


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Steve Miller

Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Mental Toughness Adviser, student of Self-Mastery. Founder at The Manly Club website, leader of The Manly Club Facebook Group with over 15,000 members. Outdoor enthusiast, weather buff, muscle car lover, cabin nut. Loving life up here in the PNW (Oregon) with my beautiful wife and two young sons.

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