New Leatherman: Magnetic, One-Hand-Opening Multi-tool

I have been a huge fan of Leatherman for decades.

I have always admired their innovation and craftsmanship but they have outdone themselves with this new “one hand opening” technology.

I never even realized how useful one-handed operation would actually be until I thought about it after watching the above video. I’m all in now and can’t wait to get my hands on one!

So much manly going on here!

Here is a quick excerpt from the article in case you are short on time……

In the midst of rebranding with a new logo and renewed focus, Leatherman launched a first-of-its-kind magnetized, one-hand-opening line of multitools this week.

Magnets hold the handles of the new Leatherman FREE closed. Pop them apart with your thumb, then flick your wrist to open it like a butterfly knife. Or flick tools open with your thumb. The promise of the new Leatherman FREE line of multitools is fast access coupled with renowned Leatherman quality.

Learn more HERE


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