Powerful Men Are A Product Of Powerful Thought

powerful man

Change comes fast when a man realizes that what he thinks he becomes and there are no outside forces impacting the outcome of his life.

This is why you can take your life from good to great with one simple decision.

If you want to substantially improve your life in the shortest period of time you need to commit to powerful thought.

Passive men are a product of passive thought.

Powerful men are a product of powerful thought.

Nothing will take you from good to great faster than powerful thinking.

You are a powerful being that is capable of powerful things but your mind needs to make the journey from weakness to power before the rest of your life can.

Fact: Take a vow to only think powerful thoughts from this moment on and your life will improve immediately.

Fact: Fill your life with only powerful thoughts and your life will produce nothing but powerful results.

Powerful thoughts like….

  • I am a powerful man that is capable of producing big, powerful results.
  • I am on this earth to bring powerful change to my life and the lives of my loved ones.
  • I have everything I need to impact this world in a powerful way.
  • I fear nothing.
  • I never fail. I either win or I learn.
  • I am bigger and more powerful than any negative circumstance I may encounter.
  • I control every aspect of my life.
  • I am just as strong, smart, and capable as any man on this earth.

your thoughts create and control your reality

Powerful thinking will take you where you want to go in life. All you need to do is commit to the process of powerful thinking.

Start now.


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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Steve Miller

Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Mental Toughness Adviser, student of Self-Mastery. Founder at The Manly Club website, leader of The Manly Club Facebook Group with over 15,000 members. Outdoor enthusiast, weather buff, muscle car lover, cabin nut. Loving life up here in the PNW (Oregon) with my beautiful wife and two young sons.

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