Meet Our Advisors

Ariel Goldenberg


A stroke killed my father when he was 55 years old. To me, that adds some additional meaning to the concept of health.
Getting healthy and fit does not happen overnight. It’s a marathon. Starting and staying engaged are imperative to completing this marathon.
Self-care is perceived by some men as narcissistic. The attitude of “man up” and “tough it out” serves to justify the self-negligence they exhibit.
In reality, we should care for ourselves as much as we care for our loved ones.
I want to help you get your health and fitness life in order so you can be the man you want to be for yourself and your loved ones.

Gareth Maxwell

Mental Health

The depression I experienced led me to start Revolutionise. Therapy and a life coach helped me recover. As I recovered, I told my story to others, and I realized there were a lot of men experiencing the same things I had. ⁣ ⁣ The effect coaching had on me is what inspired me to become a certified life coach. I help men recover and improve their mental health and wellbeing. Revolutionise provides proactive mental health help and services.

Oleg Kagan

Writers Community

Would you like to think better? The fact is, proof of an organized mind is the ability to clearly express yourself in writing. The blank page is a gym for your brain.

Many people think that writing requires some kind of mysterious, special talent. There’s nothing that’s further from the truth. Author Jeanette Winterson wrote “…There is a myth that writers are bohemian and do what they like in their own way. Real writers are the most organized people on the planet. You have to be. You’re doing the work and running your own business as well. It’s an incredibly organized state.”

That’s all there is to it: Effort and discipline. Writing, whether it’s for money or personal development, is a craft, like laying bricks. You learn the techniques, study the masters, practice, and get feedback regularly. In The Manly Club’s Writers Community, we are in it together — growing a group that helps men become better writers, better thinkers, and better men.


Devon O’Brien Ash


Everything in life is about relationships. The better you are at creating and maintaining them, the better your life will be and the happier you will become.

Developing amazing relationships doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through effort and attention placed on this area of your life.

Do you desire the confidence and skills to be able to go after what you want in the social world?

Devon has been teaching men, women, and businesses how to connect more effectively for over 14 years. He founded Social Fluency where they trained teams at Google, Apple, YouTube, and many other Silicon Valley companies to be more engaging and connected in person… not just online.

Whether it’s dating more women or being a better partner, making more friends, or even making more money…

It all comes down to the people you’re attracting into your life.

Learn the subtle art of human connection in our dating and relationship group.

You will be in good company as we master assertiveness, humour, small talk, body language, flirting, and so much more.

Come join us, come be Courageous!