Men getting healthy, fit, and strong together.

Here is a place where men can connect, ask questions, exchange tips, keep each other accountable, and be powerfully motivated by coaches and other men going through exactly what they are going through.

The number one reason men fail to stick to their fitness and nutrition programs has nothing to do with the program itself.

Their failure comes from the lack of accountability, a crucial factor for success.

Accountability is crucial, but why?


The best plan is one you can stick to consistently.

The Manly Club Fitness Prime Membership Group was developed to meet these needs.

You will receive the following and more…..

    • Direct message accountability. (optional)
    • Mandatory check-ins and progress reporting.
    • Ariel, our nutrition coach, will be there to answer all your questions in the group.
    • Your coach and other like-minded men in the group will hold you accountable. Our goal here is to encourage you to stay focused so that you do not get off track.

Weekly challenges including…..

    • Creating habits to help you achieve long-term success.
    • Our approach is to teach nutrition and eating skills, rather than crash diets.
    • Overcoming food cravings.
    • Ending emotional eating.
    • Exercises that burn fat.
    • The essentials of carbs.
    • The essentials about protein.
    • Budget-friendly ways to eat healthy.

Our members include men who are serious about making lifelong changes to get healthier and fitter.

No special equipment needed and no need to learn a new interface….The Manly Club Health and Fitness Prime Membership is a Facebook Group that you will be given exclusive access to once you register.

You have everything you need to get started right now.

100% Money Back Guarantee. (up to 3 months of membership cost)
No contract to sign.
Monthly billing.
Stop any time.

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A brotherhood of men improving their health together.
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