The Manly Life |Photo Blog| Volume 419

Money and material possessions do not equal a life well lived. They are a part of the equation though.

When we are building the life we want to live with purpose and intention, money and material things become part of the process. If they are part of the process why not use them as a source of motivation? We can use the vision of how our life will look in the future to drive our energy levels so we can achieve more and live a better life. That’s what these Manly Life posts are all about!

Steve Miller

Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Mental Toughness Adviser, student of Self-Mastery. Founder at The Manly Club website, leader of The Manly Club Facebook Group with over 14,000 members. Outdoor enthusiast, weather buff, muscle car lover, cabin nut. Loving life up here in the PNW (Oregon) with my beautiful wife and two young sons.

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